Namaz Khimar Hijab


Product Description

Namaz Khimar Hijab feels soft and silky on the head. The product gives coverage till back. It has no sleeves so hands are easily covered. The shining material of the namaz khimar hijab is ideal for wearing while praying. They have a classy appearance due to their smooth and basic texture. Because the viscose lawn blend is light and comfy, it's appropriate for all seasons. The material is completely manageable, so it adds to your comfort in addition to the pleasant look. Little to NO IRONING is required.

We look after your Pardha without compromising your appearance!

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ALL of our hijabs are of the best quality since we do not compromise on the quality of material. Order now and get our amazing products on the most adequate prices right at your door step. Rest assured, your satisfaction is our priority.

Note: Please make sure to have full brightness mode on while while checking the colours. We've tried our best to show the exact colors but they may slightly differ due to lighting effect since colours vary in sunlight and tungsten light (room light). We will not entertain any returns on this front.

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product details

  • Fit to all size (even kids 12+ kids)
  • Back coverage fir namaz
  • Little to no ironing required
  • Jersey material
  • Soft and Smooth
  • Full Khimar without sleeves
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6 reviews for Namaz Khimar Hijab

  1. Ayesha akmal

    I have an amazing experience at attires for Muslimah

  2. Sumbal

    This product is very comfortable during salah

  3. Munzah Jaffrey

    The material is completely manageable

  4. Kinzah Khan

    Good Product

  5. Aiman

    100% Satisfied Stuff is so good Jo size mngwaya Wahi aya delivery Is on time Alhamdulillah

  6. Rabia Aqeel

    I like ur all hijab style it’s awesome but how can i order pls

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